Martial Arts Classes, Seminars and workshops.

Name of event: Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), BJJ and Kudo

Club: SBG Bradford, Team Fulinkazan, The Fight Coach, Yorkshire Kudo and associated digital media.

Venue Address: Various 

Participants are warned that they take part in this event at their own risk and that the art of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts / Cage Fighting) has been classified as a Dangerous Sport and is therefore NOT Insured. 

Please read the following in full before signing up: 

Informed Consent an Assumption of the risk: 

“The rule follows this pattern: “If you knew the danger and you did it anyway and you got hurt because of the danger you knew about, then technically you cannot sue. Physicians have patients sign documents after the doctor informs them of the danger of surgery. This is called “informed consent”, an assumption of the risk.”  

The above statement has been added to this form due to the fact that while the Gym owner will take every effort to ensure your well being there is a high probability that you will receive injuries and can offer you no Insurance for this at this time meaning that unless you have arranged your own YOU ARE NOT INSURED. 

I the undersigned have read and fully understand the implications of signing this form. I also agree to totally and completely indemnify the above named clubs and Venue in respect of all injuries caused to myself or any other person or against losses caused to the venue by any act of mine by default.  

I the undersigned also fully understand that competing in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts / Cage Fighting) Competitions are dangerous and I agree personally to bear all losses caused by injury whilst engaged in it.