The Fight Coach Patreon is back

Hey guys,

It has been a while, although I have been active on Youtube and other social media platforms I have neglected my Patreon page 🙁

I am now working with a number of clubs across the UK in both MMA, BJJ, Kick Boxing and Kudo … it is time to have a central place to help support all of my students and the coaches I work with.

I am planning on using Patreon as my one stop shop for any training videos, articles or class breakdowns for all my classes, workshops or seminars all for only £5 per month.

My goal is to create a community of people to help support and develop through martial arts!

My plan is to reinvest money made from this Patreon back into my own development (some prize draws as well) so I can teach the latest and greatest techniques to my students/supporters.

Looking forward to seeing you guys on our Patreon page 

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