Services and Coaching

Classes in Bradford, West Yorkshire

Kids Classes
BJJ (Grappling)
17:00 - TUE & THU
18:00 - TUE & THU
19:30 - TUE & THU
Location - Planet Fitness, Coral Mills, Halifax Rd, Bradford BD6 2DN

MMA Coaching

I will still be coaching MMA but I will be focusing on individual athlete coaching.

What does this mean?

MMA athletes will get the benefit of a personalised approach to their training with a plan specific to their needs from a dedicated coach who is solely interested in their progression and preparation.

How will this be achieved?

A two phased approach:

1. Out of fight camp – Focus on skills assessment and development through personal training sessions and analysis of competition and training performance.  Key goals will be set during this period.

2. Fight camp – Focus on physical and technical preparation for your MMA bout.  This will include a set program, opponent analysis and game planning, sharpening of key skills identified in the analysis, support with match making and cornering on the day.

What will the sessions look like and how much will it cost?

1. Out of fight camp – At least 2 (1 hour) personal training sessions a month.  Each training session will also come with 30 minutes analysis and will cost £50 per session*

2. Fight camp – £500

8 x 1 hour personal training session (per week)
8 x 30 minute video/opponent/game planning analysis (per week)
Support through WhatsApp
1 x Corner man for 4 hours and will travel up to 1.5 hours driving.  If longer distance and time is needed working the corner, this will need to be discussed.

*As part of your training plan you will be expected to train at other gyms/clubs to maximise your potential.