Rawai Muay Thai

Rawai #MuayThai have great history and social media presence, although it was not walkable I was really keen to visit and train at the amazing facility.

Instagram – @rawaimuaythai

— Arranging training —

Most of my communications before heading out to Thailand was done via email, Diana who is the gym manager/co owner was fantastic, replied quickly and helped find a way to get to the gym from my hotel.

Diana was very professional, helpful and key having a great experience training at Rawai.

— Cost —

Training for a single class was 300 Baht which you pay before the session. I took 5 PTs and the cost was 700 Baht per session.

— Structure of the session —

I only did 1 class after a PT session so I am not sure if this is the normal format but this is what happened in the session I attended.

Class started with jogging around the mats, then skipping and a stretch led by an instructor.

The classes were packed so the class is split with half of the class hitting the bag for 5 rounds and then get 5 rounds of #pads with a coach.

After that we practiced set combos in a Dutch drill style with other students conditioning.

The class then finishes with a cool down led by an instructor.

As for my PT/1to1, I booked 5 early morning session the format was running around the gym, skipping, technical pads/work, pads and a summary.

— Coaches —

The coaches in the classes were friendly and helpful, the lad who did my pads was great and had a passion for Muay Thai.

In my 1to1 sessions my trainer was Boon who has over 40 years of coaching and was the gym owners (Tuk) original coach.

Boom was a fantastic coach for me, his eye for detail and ability to spot where I was not quite doing a technique correctly worked really well for me.

Although I enjoyed the classes, having a dedicated high level coach work with me on a 1to1 basis was a fantastic experience, I would love to train with Boon again in the future.

— Session Suitably —

Rawai have people from all different backgrounds, in the classes you had people doing there first Muay Thai class to professional fighters and the coaching team did a great job scaling the training to the persons ability.

The PT sessions were brilliant for me, I feel I was challenged and learnt loads.

One thing that really stood out for me was the community feel that the gym had and I think a lot of this comes from the coaches and Diana.

A fantastic facility, great coaches and amazing support, I hope to go back for more training soon.

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