My Water loading and weight loss process

Here is my process for cutting weight and water cut …

This is what I am doing over the next couple of day for the weigh in, this is not something I am recommending you to do but it might be useful to see.

Diet –

Reduce carbs and salt in diet, focus on lean protein and veggies (peppers, onions, greens)

I try and have about 1500 cals a day Monday to Wednesday and then on Thursday 1000 cals. Examples in the pictures.

Friday I will have something light in the morning and coffee. At this point (Friday) it is more about how much the food weighs than its calories.

I expect to be doing some swearing in Rome but ideally I won’t be doing more thank 1kg. I am going to dress warm for the trip over so there might be some weight lost on the way as well.

Water loading –

Some people say to take a vit c tablet with each litre but I can’t do that or I will just be pissing all day.

Monday – 5 litres

Tuesday – 6 litres

Wednesday- 7 litres

Thursday – 2 litres

Friday – nothing until weigh in, just small black coffee’s

Rehydratation –

After weighing in I will sip some water with a hydration tablet or Dioralyte for the first 30 mins, after the a small amount of fruit or energy gel in the next 30mins.

Make sure you pack a water bottle/protein shaker.

After that small amounts of food starting with fruits, then moving to carb rich foods and then some protein every hour or so, key key is not to feel bloated.

Any water should have a bit of salt/lemon in that evening, this helps your body hold on to the water and not just piss it out.

Fight day –

We will grab some breakfast before the comp, but it might be worth packing some energy bars/cereal/flap jack.

I taking some sweets (jelly babies/beans) as you get a quick burst of energy and depending on how long between bouts can help with energy.

Hopefully this is helpful please always speak to a doctor or professional before changing diet or following a program.

This is only a documentation of my process and is not advice.

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