My goals for 2023

So we have hit 2023 … today seems like a great day to start planning a kick arse year !!! YouTube Video here:-

Setting and Reaching Your Goals in Martial Arts: A Beginner’s Guide –

Hopefully you have seen my video regarding setting Martial Arts goals, but if not and if you are struggling here are my goals and approach.

My “Big Goals” for the year can be broken down into 1. “What I want” and 2. “How do check my progress?”.

My big goals for the year are –

  • 1. I want to improve my Martial Arts skill and I will check my progress by competition then reviewing.
  • 2. I want to improve my IT/Security Skills and I will check my progress by taking certification exams.
  • 3. Become a “Reader”

These big goals are broken down into smaller goals …

To improve my martial arts skill each week I will –

1. Attend classes

2. Review matches and study course

3. Set my training/sparring goals

4. Every 8 weeks compete and review my performance.

To improve my IT Security skills each week I will –

1. Attend Bootcamp

2. Watch Udemy and Microsoft learn videos

3. Book an exam every 8 weeks

To become a “Reader” –

1. Read a book for at least 10 minutes every day.

Every 8 weeks review my progress, adjust if needs be, your goals and circumstances might change … this is ok !!

So get a pen/paper or open up your notes app on your phone and get down you 2023 goals.


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