Striking Program

Punching - Jab

Double Jab
Push Jab
Slip the Jab

Punching - Cross

Jab & Cross
Double Jab and Cross
Defend Jab and Cross

Punching- Lead hook (Head)

Lead Hook
Roll Defence
Roll to Clinch
Roll and Counter
Head Movement Drill (slip and roll)
Head Movement Drill (slip and roll) with Counter

Punching - Reverse Uppercut


Punching Defence - Inside Parry

Punching Defence - Cover & Crazy Monkey

South Paw

South Paw – Foot Position
South Paw – Line up the cross
South Paw – Punches
South Paw – Kicks

Reverse Knee Body

Reverse Knee

Inside Leg Kick

Inside Leg Kick
Inside Leg Kick and Cross
Inside Lead Leg Check with counter

Lead Front Kick - Body

Lead Front Kick
Front Kick to moving opponent forward

SOLO Drills

Reverse Uppercut wall drill
Wall Ball Drill
SOLO – Kickboxing – Head Movement
SOLO – Paper Pads (Kickboxing)
Solo Drill – Kickboxing – Cross Paper Punch
Solo Drill – Paper Jab Catch (Kickboxing)