Catch Wrestling Comp

First catch wrestling competition on Saturday, managed to get a foot sweep but a real eye opener for my as I struggled establishing my usual game. Took loads away from the matches.

From a coaching point of view i would summaries my performance and preparation this way …

— Prep —

I hadn’t wrestled in months and I felt this in the matches. It needs to be a part of future prep, knowledge is fine but I need to have that muscle memory drilled in.

— First match —

In my first match I felt good, caught a good foot sweep but didn’t jump on the chance to get on top. I think at that point I started feeling over confident and shot in for a poor double leg.

He did really well in sprawl top and didn’t give any opportunity to roll him staying in a sprawl position to my right which I really struggled with.

I ended up losing and rightly so.

— Second match —

I need to watch this back but I made a mistake early lowering my head which he grabbed and had very good control.

The rest from what I can remember, I tried to create a scramble and went for a knee bar but he slipped the knee very quickly

The rest I don’t really remember but I got pinned.

— Takeaways —

Future Preparation – Wrestling rounds and Drills need to be a bigger part of preparation.

Mental Preparation – the rounds are 10 minutes and in both matches I felt I rushed to get takedowns and create scrambles.

To do another comp I think mentally I will be less confident which would be a good thing. I think been a little more nervous and less confident would be good.

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