BJJ – Closed Guard Bottom

Through January I am planning on developing my closed guard in the BJJ classes as it is an area I would like to improve.

There are 2 main sources I plan to review and develop from, Head of SBG Matt Thornton and Roger Gracie.

Matt Thornton Notes

Source – Developing An Undefeatable Closed Guard

There is some absolute gold in here but would really like to work on the sweep from closed guard after the top person starts working through the L-Shape position (1:05 of the source video)

  1. Hips are up from collar and sleave postion
  2. When the knee comes in switch the hips to the outside
  3. Twist the hips to the outside and frame on the elbow to fight for the top position.
  4. You can control the far sleave or two hands to the mat (press up position) to get top.
  1. Switch the hips to the outside

Roger Gracie Notes

  1. Closed guard allows him to control his opponent and distances
  2. When in Closed guard breaking posture is very important.
  3. People are unable to pass his guard with both knees on the floor
  4. If people stand there is a higher risk of been passed, all the control is on the feet not tighs to keep closed guard.
  5. The frame arm allows guard top to stand not the elbow in the thigh
  6. To brake the frame arm grip the collar across the frame arm and drop elbow to break the frame.
  7. To prevent the frame do not allow him to grip around the chest
  8. Grip around the bell is not effective and easy to break posture.

Armbar setup

  1. Cross over the post arm and grip inside the gi other grasps the sleave
  2. Pull the sleave to your chest and extend the top arm
  3. Open guard to high diamond (I am thinking about calling this “Half Diamond”) and break posture down (knees to nose)
  4. IF … the open lifts up go straight to the arm bar
  5. IF … the oppent drops down and leans forward, use the whole body to extend and attack striaght for the armbar.
  1. Pull the sleave to your chest and extend the top arm

Source – Roger Gracie Teaches The Best Closed Guard In The World!

I think there is a key takeaway from watching Roger and his use of getting to the “Half Diamond” (it is now a thing).

In the above video, he uses the half Diamond to set up, Flower Sweeps, Arm Bars, Back takes.

Jan Goals – Closed Guard

  1. Killing the frame arm and establish and hold the half diamond. (Roger Gracie)
  2. Hip to the outside and twist to get mount.


BJJ – Closed Guard Bottom – Breaking posture using knees to nose

BJJ – Closed Guard Bottom – Hip Bump Sweep

BJJ – Closed Guard Bottom – Hip on the outside and twist sweep

BJJ – Closed Guard Bottom – Breaking posture using knees to nose

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