BJJ Class Notes – 26/04/2022

Key points of leg position controlling the DLR …

  • Leg goes to the outside, foot hooks on the inside of the leg and Knee presses towards the knee (pointing in) and sit on the foot. (Stopping the op moving back)
  • Opposite foot, goes in to the mid-part of the thigh (Stopping the op moving forward)
  • If the OP tries to back step, the leg on the thigh hooks behind the leg to stop the back step.

Drill 1 – Establish the DLR

Lie on your side with your partner in a staggered stand (boxing style stance)
Establish DLR and the partner will then move, forward, back and back step, so you have to adjust to prevent their movement

Key points on the grips

  1. Doubles sleeve grip are good, they tend to be found from a hip guard then transition to DLR,these are great to get your partner to move around.
  2. Next grip, near side pant control or ankle control and near side sleeve control
  3. With point 2 grip practice moving the person, block movement and then looking at leg entry (with side kick in arm pit) … Example below …

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