BJJ Class notes – 10/05/2022

In this session we are focusing on wrestling up using a DLR entry to Shin guard, this works well if the opponent is using a block or grip to stop the entry of a regular DLR.

Entry to DLR against a standing opponent …

  • Opponent blocks at the shoulder or lapel.
  • Grip the cross collar on the same side as the DLR side you want, other gripping the outside of the arm. Fall on your side to put the hook in pushing on the non-hook side to foot to get the outside angle, Grip the leg.
  • Now it is time to kick the leg up to extend them out and sit up at the same time. Get the as you wrap your arm around the leg, make sure the shoulder is close.
  • Scoot around the corner bringing the leg the tight to wrap around the leg. Then look to stand.

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