BJJ Class Notes – 05/04/2022

Following on from last week’s class we are looking at continuing our attacks from a crucifix position 

Entry progression –

Pass Guard > Side control > Shin across near side arm for control > Far side under-hook and hold lapel (op side)

Last week’s attacks include … 

Attack 1 – Thumb inside grip and bring the elbow down 

Attack 2 – Same grip and then rotate the elbow to the head.

Attacks – 

Attack 3 – Shoulder of justice with thumb inside and then roll the elbow into last week’s attacks.

Attack 4 – 4 finger loop, 4 fingers near side, loop the elbow to far side ear, far side arm grips the collar to take the slack out (Keep the under-hook), circle the elbow to the head.

Attack 5 – Near side arm wrist lock.

Ideas for guard passing – 

Standing Knee grips pass – 10/08/2021 – BJJ Class – Standing passing from knee grips

Guard Passing Workshop (38 minutes) – BJJ SEMINAR – Darren Currie – Combat Base – Guard Passing Workshop

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