Achievement Unlocked !!!

With 2 Armbar wins Krzysztof is awarded his first the fight coach patreon award … “Arms Race”

The achievements for 2023 are issued …

Toe Tickler – win a match by foot lock

Bad Dancer – take down with a foot sweep

Arms race – win a match by arm bar

Arm collector – get 3 wins by arm locks, Kimura or Americana

Chicken tonight – win by Kimura or chicken wing

Prison Rules – win by wrist lock or heel hook

Battle Ready – compete in 2 competitions in 1 weekend

Pyjama Party – compete in 3 GI based competitions

Pyjama fighter – compete in 2 different Gi bases competitions

To unlock these achievement –

1. You must be a “Fight Coach” Patreon member ✅

2. Send a video of your competition when you hit your achievement 👍

3. You are ok with us sharing your achievement on Patreon, Social media and YouTube 👌

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