2023 Fight Coach Competition

In 2023 we will be running the yearly competition with some additional ways of scoring points!

Students of SBG Bradford / Fulinkazan / Yorkshire Kudo will still be able to score point on the competition table by competing, winning matches and medalling but this year there is a twist.

Members of The Fight Coach patreon will gain additional points when they unlock bonus achievements !!!

The first achievements have been issued …

Toe Tickler – win a match by foot lock

Bad Dancer – take down with a foot sweep

Arms race – win a match by arm bar

Arm collector – get 3 wins by arm locks, Kimura or Americana

Chicken tonight – win by Kimura or chicken wing

Prison Rules – win by wrist lock or heel hook

Battle Ready – compete in 2 competitions in 1 weekend

Pyjama Party – compete in 3 GI based competitions

Pyjama fighter – compete in 2 different Gi bases competitions

To unlock these achievement –

1. You must be a β€œFight Coach” Patreon member βœ…

2. Send a video of your competition when you hit your achievement πŸ‘

3. You are ok with us sharing your achievement on Patreon, Social media and YouTube πŸ‘Œ

The first achievement has already been unlocked!!

All of the Patreon members have will be assigned 5 points in 2023 for unlocking the …

OG Supporter

Well done to our Patreons πŸ‘

Chris N, Krzysztof, Chris T, Mark R, Aayaan, Mark FC, Scott, Harley, Andrew and Alec

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